Set of 2 Satin Pillowcases
Set of 2 Satin Pillowcases

Set of 2 Satin Pillowcases


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Sleep in luxury with our satin pillowcases. The soft, gentle material promotes healthy hair by reducing friction, preventing frizz, and helping to stop breakage and tugging. Satin also retains moisture and keeps you cool during the night, giving you strong, hydrated hair you can be proud of. It also provides a gentle surface for your skin, reducing wrinkles and leaving you with a soft, silky complexion.

  • This set includes 2 satin pillowcases that are smooth and gentle to promote healthy hair and skin.
  • Satin pillowcases reduce friction on your hair while you sleep, so they are gentler on curls, while helping to  prevent  frizz, breakage, and tugging.
  • The satin material retains more moisture than other pillowcases, allowing your hair to stay hydrated through the night.
  • Satin pillowcases are also good for your skin, as they are more delicate on the face and eyes than other, harsher pillowcases.
  • These pillowcases also keep you cooler than other materials, allowing you to sleep better through the night.

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