Jennipher Adkins - President/CEO

Welcome to Jenny Capp! 

The designs that you find here are must haves when keeping your hair well maintained.  My  goal is to develop stylish products that are comfortable and functional using  light weight, breathable fabrics .  I use all of the items that I offer and I am always creating new ones!

I sincerely hope that you find my designs attractive and useful.  Keeping my customers happy has always been a priority that began in 1991 when I made my uniquely designed cap for friends and family in Oakland, CA.  In 1995, I received my first United States Utility Patent  for the Original Jenny Capp, which has influenced how maintenance  head garments are produced even  today.  With strong sales and support from my customers, I launched a full product line in 1998 while gaining national distribution.

Today, the Original Jenny Capp is joined with the newest line - Roxx Hair, innovative head bands and visors uniquely designed for athletics  or while on the go. 

Reach out to me anytime, I would love to hear from you!