Reversible Satin Capp (Snakeskin Print)
Reversible Satin Capp (Snakeskin Print)

Reversible Satin Capp (Snakeskin Print)


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Our reversible satin capp is versatile and light weight. Whether you just got it silk pressed or while maintaining locks or twists, it’s important to protect any hair style. This Capp is reversible, comfortable, and very soft. To care for your satin capp simply hand wash it in warm water using mild soap and hang to dry.

  • made of a soft, satin material that is comfortable and lightweight. Alternate between two bright patterns that bring a pop of color to your haircare routine.
  • large enough to fit a lot of hair and hair rollers. You can make sure that new hairdo stays fresh. After your get your hair done, you don’t have to worry about ruining it in your sleep.
  • has a comfortable elastic band to make sure it stays on all night long. They fit most head sizes. The elastic is not too tight and will stretch to adjust to your head or bulky braids especially after you’ve used it a few times. No more imprints or headaches!
  • Keeps your hair in place while you’re sleeping. The satin reduces friction between your hair and your pillow, helping you avoid knots, frizz, and hair breakage in the morning. Also help retain moisture and shine, giving you beautiful, healthy-looking hair.
  • Use while you’re doing makeup or washing your face. It keeps your hair out of your face so you can easily proceed with your beauty routine. You can also wear the cap while you shower to keep your hair from getting wet.