Boar Oval Cushion Brush

Boar Oval Cushion Brush


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Our boar oval cushion brush is perfect for everyday, gentle hair care that you can trust. The soft, flexible bristles make detangling as painless as possible, preventing pulling, snagging, and breakage. You can also improve your overall hair health by achieving a shiny, smooth look to last throughout the day.

  • Includes 1 boar, oval cushion brush to promote healthy hair.
  • This boar, oval cushion brush is versatile for everyday use. It has soft, flexible bristles that glide through your hair without pulling or snagging.
  • These strong bristles detangle hair while conditioning it, improving your overall hair health with a smooth, shiny look.
  • Use the brush to reduce frizz by smoothing down the hair, evenly distributing the scalp oils to provide moisture.
  • Regular hair brushing helps to massage the scalp, therefore encouraging blood flow to promote hair growth.

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