7/8'' Flexible Hair Rollers

7/8'' Flexible Hair Rollers


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Customize your curls with our flexible hair rollers. These soft, bendable hair rollers can be easily manipulated to achieve any curl style you want. Roll them up tight for spiral curls, or make them looser for more relaxed waves. The soft feel of these rollers allows you to keep them in overnight and sleep in them comfortably while your hair gets whipped in shape for the perfect morning curl.

  • Includes 4 flexible hair rollers in purple.
  • Each hair roller is 7/8'' and promotes healthy hair.
  • Use the rollers to create spiral curls, or bouncy waves, bringing your 'do to the next level.
  • The rollers are soft and flexible, allowing you to customize the tightness of your curls and also comfortably sleep with the rollers in your hair overnight.