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Jenny Capp Duli Black

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Duli is a multi- functioning head band which has a pull out pony tail strap. This allows you to wear a pony tail when needed or you can use it as a normal or push back or narrow head band by tucking the strap in whichever way you like. This neat, sleek, and comfortable product offers you a wide variety of options to try!

This unique product creates a high pony tail while covering your head totally at the same time. This features an adjustment bead which you can slide down to fit in the hair depending on the length. The high pony tail head band serves as a great accessory to women who are especially into sports such as volley ball, soccer, and athletics. It keeps the hair tucked ideally ensure that it does not fall in front of your eyes, offers great comfort, and will not come off until you choose to take it off!


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